Month: September 2014

How to be healthy when you’re busy

photoI am basically a doctor so the following list should be considered factually accurate:

1. Wake up early, ready to take on the world.

2. Right before you leave the house for a jam-packed day, stare into your empty cabinet. Tell yourself, “I will pick up something healthy along the way” and go out the door without breakfast.
3. Definitely buy the doughnut with your morning coffee because you need something to sustain you through another day of work.
4. Reach right past the water in the fridge at work, and grab the leftover diet coke. Hydration is for the weak.
5. Eat 3 granola bars in a row around 12pm so you get your sugar and protein servings for the day.
6. Forget to eat anything for the rest of the day so you are nice and cranky when you get home to your spouse.

7. Once you are home, think of a healthy dinner you can cook yourself to make up for the rest of the day. Then, decide it will take too long. Go pick up Taco Bell.

8. Consider working out, but then remember you have a belly full of Taco Bell. Opt for changing into pajamas instead.
9. Eat some kind of candy when the sweet tooth kicks in. Calories after 10pm don’t count.
10. Repeat tomorrow.