Why #YESALLWOMEN is Important

Yesterday the hashtag #YESALLWOMEN took over my Twitter feed. To my delight, it was initiating an open and honest dialog about some of the struggles women deal with on a daily basis. This is something that is really important for everyone. If you are a woman, if you have a sister, if you have a mother, if you know a woman, this is important. Here are a few of the powerful tweets I came across yesterday:


photo 5

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 7

photo 8

photo 9

photo 10


photo 6


I was so inspired to see women being so transparent about topics that we are often silent about. But I was beyond discouraged to see other people trying to silence them again. I saw a large amount of men (and unfortunately women) who were trying to belittle and dismiss it. This illustrates the EXACT reason why this hashtag is needed. I have had an experience exactly like this recently when I wrote a post called Hello, My Name is Blamed Victim. It wasn’t even on my blog for 24 hours when a man decided to belittle my experience and try to shut me up through his comments on the post. And you know what? My first instinct was to delete my original post. He made me feel embarrassed that I had shared my personal, honest, and real experience as a woman. He tried to put me back in a box of fear and doubt simply for sharing my own experience and beliefs. But I refuse to let a man make me feel small, embarrassed, or question my own experience. I encourage you to read his comments to see why #YESALLWOMEN is more important than ever.

Note: there are thousands more tweets available on Twitter. I encourage you to read through them to hear about the honest experiences women have had in our culture.


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  1. I thought this problem is more common in the third world,, like in countries like India and Saudi Arabia. I am mentioning these two because they’ve been in media so many time because of this issue.
    Laws should be put and applied in situations regardless of what the victim wore,made etc..It is pathetic and disgusting to blame the victim for the vicious act of the attacker..

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