Taking Stock


Making: plans for a getaway soon.
Cooking: nothing at all. The kitchen is packed away for our move this week. Using the Keurig is the closest thing to cooking this week.
Drinking: coffee. As always.
Reading: blogs. You all are so creative and talented, I get inspired everyday.
Wanting: to be in the new home already.
Looking: forward to working tomorrow. Did I just say that?
Playing: candy crush. Yes, I am the only one who still plays that.
Wasting: time because I don’t want to work on my final paper this semester.
Sewing: nothing. I have no business trying to do that.
Wishing: apartments magically cleaned themselves.
Enjoying: new opportunities in my life.
Waiting: for the next girl’s night.
Liking: that my husband comes home during his lunch hour.
Wondering: what my summer will look like.
Loving: the new apartment. It’s so pretty. 
Hoping: to be productive today.
Marveling: at this life I get to live.
Needing: a good tan.
Smelling: a lit tabacco bark candle. Yum.
Wearing: pajamas. What time is it again?
Following: my dreams.
Noticing: dark circles under my eyes that linger. Graduate school takes it’s toll.
Knowing: hard work pays off in the long run.
Thinking: about ways to get out of my comfort zone.
Bookmarking: all the handbags I want but can’t afford.
Opening: cupboards hoping there is nothing in them to pack.
Giggling: nonstop last night showing the husband things on the internet that he found significantly less funny than I did.
Feeling: incredible.

I found this taking stock post over at Pip’s blog in case you want to play along.


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