15 Ways to Make You Feel Beautiful

Hey guys! I am part of a project over here called Letters to Perfectly Imperfect. This project is to help girls who struggle with body image & confidence to find a support group and hear from other girls. I will be blogging once a week there and this is my first post!

Perfectly imperfect


Sometimes it’s hard to feel beautiful.

That is not surprising when we are constantly bombarded with images in the media of women with unattainable bodies. Here are the facts: Only 5% of women naturally have the body type that is portrayed in the media. Yes, Miranda Kerr has an amazing body, but I could never have her body no matter how hard I tried. So it’s a little unfair for me to compare myself to her, right? Research shows that 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies, which means we are often comparing ourselves more than we should.

It can be exhausting to keep up with the standards that the media sets for beauty. In fact, even models are often criticized for their looks when photographers catch them without wearing makeup.

So how do we fight back?

We fight back by loving ourselves and refusing to let the media impact…

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