Day Adventures.


Yesterday was incredible. Last month I got Brock tickets to see Adam Carolla live at the Hollywood Improv for his birthday. Hundreds of famous comedians got their start there and I have always wanted to go. So we decided to make a day of it and hang out in LA. It should be noted that we planned to leave our house early, but got distracted by things like soccer games and cinnamon rolls. You can’t win them all.

We hit the road at 11am and went straight to Abbot Kinney, which is the coolest place in Venice. It reminds me so much of Portland and feels like a little piece of home, except sunnier. We went to Gjelina for lunch. This place is heaven. Heaven. I never thought there would be a day where I would devour a kale salad but this restaurant does not make a bad dish. As we are eating, Steven Tyler walked in and SMILED AT ME as he went by our table. I’m still not over it. I wanted to send a drink over to his table but Brock wouldn’t let me.
We hung out more on Abbot Kinney, going to little stores and getting a juice box. I ran into a pile of puppies along the way. I wish that happened more often actually. A foundation was doing adoptions on the street so I went and pet a bunch of the cutest puppies you have ever seen. It is probably a good thing we weren’t in a Huntington Beach or Brock and I might have accidentally taken one home. Or five.

We were on Abbott Kinney a little longer than planned because I was 90% sure Steven Tyler parked his Mercedes SUV (blacked out windows with a dream catcher hanging inside) right next to my car, so I hung out there waiting for him like a crazy person. Finally Brock forced me into the car because you can’t wait all day for Steven Tyler (or can you?).
Next we went to the Grove, which is a huge outdoor mall in LA. It has the biggest farmers market I have ever seen, and there are so many fun things to do. We ate at our favorite little pizza place in the farmers market and walked around looking for celebrities. I saw Joe Zee, who is a famous stylist and the creative director for Elle magazine. He was wearing a Lady Gaga shirt so I couldn’t have asked for more.

Finally, we left and headed over to the Hollywood Improv. We got drinks and some snacks while we waited for the show. People handed out Mangria samples, and if you don’t know what that is then you should definitely order some! Right before we went into the theater area, Brock and I spotted Dr. Drew standing about two feet away from me. I was pretty surprised because it had not been announced that he would be there. Then a minute later we see Eric Stonestreet standing three people in front of us! I think we were both in shock. They went backstage and we filed into the theater. The three of them got on stage, and this show was the hardest I have laughed maybe ever. It was a live podcast, so if you want to listen to the show it should be up on iTunes within a couple days, and it’s free! After the show we got to meet and take a picture with Adam Carolla and Brock got his Mangria bottle signed. We spent the rest of the night raving about how amazing the whole day was, how many people we got to see, and how much we love living in a place where we can do things like this.



















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