Hello, Blog.

I started my last blog in 2008. It was about my day-to-day life, mostly. I was only 16 years old at the time, so most of the posts consisted of large fonts and cheesy jokes. I stopped blogging in 2011 when I got engaged. I had grown tired of my blog and wanted to focus my energy on other things, especially because at the time I was a sophomore in college and planning a wedding. There have been many times in the three years since then that I have considered coming back to my blog. I always had a reason not to: I was busy, I didn’t know what to write, or the fact that it probably wouldn’t be read by anyone anyway.

Now I am 22 years old. I am a Master’s student at USC studying Communication Management. I work at Dolce & Gabbana as an intern for the west coast public relations department. I am happily married and live in the golden state. Basically, life is good. It’s better than good. I feel lucky to have reached a point in my life where I see the fruits of my labor and I’m still young & free. However, I have missed writing. It’s the best way for me to express myself, to connect to others, and to reflect on my life. I think everyone should write. Something about putting words on paper (or on computer, as it were) brings clarity.

So maybe no one will read it. Maybe at some point I will get too busy or not know what to write about. But, I am going to do it anyway because it’s good for the soul.



  1. I wish you luck in your blogging endeavours!
    I basically have the same views about my blog, people can read it if they feel like but it’s also there to just release the thoughts whizzing through my head and to be able to look back and remember things.

  2. All the very best for your blog! I have just started playing in this blogging world myself and feel just same way. I found your blog through freshly pressed and am looking forward to following. Have a lovely Easter weekend, from a reader in New Zealand.

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